We give importance to secure your personal data. In this context, we would like to inform you about the "Personal Data Protection Law", which is designed to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, especially the privacy of private life, and to protect personal data.

"AKANA LOFT", 6698 Law on Protection of Personal Data and in the capacity of “Data controller” related to it, for our personal purpose, appropriate and in accordance with the relevant person.

Collection, Processing and Processing Purposes of Personal Data: Your personal data varies depending on the service, product or commercial activity provided by AKANA LOFT; It is collected verbally, in writing or electronically, through automatic or non-automatic methods, offices, branches, dealers, call center, website, social media channels, mobile applications and similar means. As long as you benefit from the services of AKANA LOFT and its brands, your personal data of general and special nature are processed by creating and/or updating, including but not limited to the following purposes.

Your identity data, contact data, personal data that may be required for passport and visa transactions; your audio/visual data,

Your financial data that may be required within the scope of other travel-related services you receive from the AKANA LOFT; Your personal and sensitive personal data obtained within the scope of the travel service, including but not limited to your travel information,

In addition, your personal data may also be processed when you use our call center or website with the intention of using certain AKANA LOFT online services, when you attend trainings, seminars or organizations organized by AKANA LOFT, or if you visit or browse the internet pages.

Your personal data and your personal data of special nature;

Carrying out your travel planning, reservation and rental transactions,

Execution of your visa applications to be submitted to the consulates,

Carrying out your insurance transactions within the scope of travel,

Invoicing for our services,

Confirmation of your identity,

Sharing information requested by public institutions and organizations in accordance with the relevant legislation,

Fulfillment of legal and regulatory requirements,

Ensuring, developing and conducting research in internal functioning,

Continuing the activities necessary for the recruitment and continuation of the business,

To be able to carry out the activities related to the services offered to you with the contracted institutions,

Managing customer satisfaction and complaints,

Being able to communicate with customers about travel advantages and the service they receive,

Realization of training, organization, announcement and card applications made within the body of AKANA LOFT,

Reporting and auditing

To be able to develop products and services and to make analyzes, customer relationship management, reporting and use them in subsequent demands and organizations, to make campaigns, promotions and announcements, to carry out marketing activities by customizing them according to usage purposes and needs.

It may be processed for the purposes of conducting and developing travel services, fulfilling customer demands and similar purposes, including but not limited to, planning and execution of market research, detection and customization of taste, usage and service understanding.

In addition, it can be processed within the framework of the Passport Law No. 5682, the Identification Law No. 5115, the Regulation on Package Tour Contracts, the Regulation on the Implementation of the Identification Law, the Law No. 1618 and other legislation can be kept under protection both in digital and physical environment.

Transfer of Personal Data: Your personal data, within the scope of the Law and other legislation and for the purposes listed above:


Supervisory and regulatory public institutions and organizations, including relevant Ministries,

Official authorities and regulatory and supervisory bodies,

General Directorate of Security and other law enforcement agencies,


Third parties from whom we receive consultancy services, including lawyers, consultants and auditors,

Authorized representatives and agents,

Insurance companies,

Airlines, hotels, rental companies,

Our contracted service providers and business partners for the performance of the services offered within the scope of AKANA LOFT,

Business partners who make campaigns, promotions and announcements for the development of products and services and in this context, analysis, reporting

It can be shared with our business partners and other third parties, with whom we cooperate in Turkey and abroad, in order to ensure that travel services, including commercial programs, applications, internet services, used in AKANA LOFT can be developed and carried out for the above-mentioned purposes.

Method and Legal Reason for Personal Data Collection: Your personal data, in all kinds of verbal, written or electronic media, for the purpose of providing the above-mentioned purposes and services within the determined legal framework, and in this context, for AKANA LOFT to fully and properly fulfill its contractual and legal obligations is collected.

Your Rights Regarding the Protection of Personal Data: In accordance with the legislation regarding your processed personal data; to learn whether personal data is processed, to request information if personal data has been processed, to learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with its purpose, to know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data are transferred, to request correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing to request the deletion or destruction of personal data, to correct personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing and/or to notify the third parties to whom personal data has been transferred, of the processes regarding the deletion or destruction of personal data, to the detriment of the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems. You have the right to object to the emergence of a result, to demand the compensation of the damage in case of damage due to the unlawful processing of personal data.

Data Security: AKANA LOFT prevents your personal data and sensitive personal data from being processed unlawfully and from being accessed illegally, provides the necessary level of security for the protection of personal data and takes all kinds of technical and administrative measures. In addition, the ENTERPRISE uses all necessary technological means to provide the required level of security.

Within the scope of the law, you can send us all kinds of requests, questions, requests, suggestions and complaints about your personal data by using the contact information below.

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